Snarky Puppy


Snarky Puppy - Royal Albert Hall, London

November 14th 2019


My first taste of the Brooklyn based jazz fusion that is Snarky Puppy was through my friend Jospeh Paul-Rykert who is a musician & singer/songwriter for The Unreachable Stars and the Rykert Trio while I was on tour with him last year in Florida. 


The video he showed me was a live performance of The Curtain from their Grammy Award winning album for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album, Sylva. For the first time I felt like it was okay to listen to Jazz, regardless of my lack of knowledge on the form, culture and history. 


Snarky Puppy beckoned all to join in the party. They provide an inclusive and welcoming introduction to those wanting to enter the world of Jazz while being something fresh and contemporary for those already well versed in the genre.



That diversity was all on display at the Royal Albert Hall, undoubtably a venue which is designed to house the likes of this band perfectly as it filled the hall. The audience was treated to a mostly darkly lit stage which in reflection really allowed the music to be digested as it should. Snarky made me feel out of my comfort zone as I noticed amongst the other photographers in the pit as for a while we all just stopped and took in the music, trying to understand how it was making us feel. I think that’s the success of Snarky Puppy, you come away unsure of what you should feel from the music, but being moved is essentially the ethos of their sound. It does something to you, and feeling something other than the everyday noise around you is a remarkable feeling and ability that Snarky Puppy are able to project.